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4 New Procedures Available to Reduce Discomfort and Help You Look Your Best

November 1, 2013  |   Las Colinas Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa

Things have been moving right along, and we’ve found even more ways to provide you with more effective procedures to help you keep looking your best. Here are some of the new ones available as a result of the new Cutera laser we recently acquired: 1. SkinTyte – This non-invasive, no downtime procedure reduces the appearance of loose, saggy skin. The deep layer of the skin is heated, which activates the body’s natural inclination to make collagen and repair the area. The process takes 3-5 sessions on average, and around 30-45 minutes to treat your face and neck, but time varies depending on the surface area that needs to be treated. You will experience some redness on your skin. If you would like mild to moderate improvement in your skin’s appearance that doesn’t require an invasive surgical procedure, SkinTyte is the perfect solution for you. 2. Genesis wrinkle reduction – If you need wrinkles and fine lines treated, then this is the procedure for you. It also works well to treat large pores, uneven texture, redness, and scars. As the laser does its work, your skin feels gently warmed. You experience literally no downtime. If you need to go outdoors, sunscreen is required, but otherwise you can return to your normal routine right away. The whole treatment requires about four to six sessions. You will notice results immediately, but the best results are seen after multiple treatment sessions. 3. IPL – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a non-invasive treatment for facial veins. It also works for other skin conditions such as age spots, skin damaged by the sun, rosacea, birthmarks, acne scarring, and skin blemishes of all kinds. The typical procedure lasts from 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Gentle pulses of light do the work. At first, the affected areas will darken, but eventually they fade away to match your skin’s color. The entire process takes from two weeks to a month to recover from. Depending upon your skin’s condition, it may take more than one session spaced a month apart to get the desired results. 4. Contoured breast implants – The typical breast implant is shaped round. The primary advantage is that it stays round regardless of how it moves around within the implant pocket. They also have a smooth surface, and have a low incidence of rupture and rippling. Contoured implants are shaped like a tear drop. Contoured breast implants, on the other hand, have a much more natural look. The upper part of the breast also appears more full. They work best in breast reconstruction situations. They also work well with patients who have thinner bodies. As always, talking with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best way to determine which is the appropriate solution for you. If you feel any of these procedures are appropriate for you, make sure you shoot us an e-mail at or give us a call at 972.831.8822.