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4 Tips To Follow When Recovering from Liposuction

September 8, 2017  |   Liposuction

Liposuction can provide men and women alike with dramatic results including reduction of excess fat and enhanced body contouring. However, it is critical to take proper care of your body during the period after a liposuction procedure in order to ensure a full recovery and optimal results. Drinking ample water and maintaining a healthy diet are two of the most important considerations when recovering from a liposuction procedure without unwanted after effects. Dr. Michael Whetstone of Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery recommends four key habits to follow when recovering from liposuction.

Stay Hydrated

Post liposuction, it is important to keep your body hydrated. Keeping the body hydrated will help reduce swelling. It is recommended to drink around 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Drinking sufficient water will also maintain moisture in the skin, promote a healthy metabolism, help in digestion and control hunger.

Drinks containing alcohol and caffeine are not recommended. Alcohol will negatively affect your body’s defense mechanisms causing incisions to take more time to heal. Meanwhile, caffeine can have a dehydrating effect on your body. Dr. Whetstone can provide you with more specific information on drinks to avoid and drinks that are safe to consume.

Get Moving But Don’t Forger To Rest

People often assume that they should completely rest the body following a surgical procedure for extended periods of time.  Liposuction will require a period of rest, however, it is actually better, and necessary, to get out of bed and walk as soon as possible.  Walking will increase circulation helping prevent blood clots from forming in the legs and help your body heal quicker.

It is important to be careful of not over-exerting yourself. Your body will not be able to handle the stress of normal, busy physical activity. Keep moving, but take it slow and easy. Following a liposuction procedure at Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Whetstone will thoroughly discuss the amount of rest and movement ideal for your own personal liposuction recovery.

Maintain A Proper Diet

Focus on eating healthy, nutritious meals during this sensitive period of time and do not skip meals. Having six to seven small meals throughout the day rather than the typical three large meals will also be beneficial. Eating small meals will be helpful in avoiding nausea or bloating.

You should be sure to stay away from excessive salt, fatty foods and starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice or baked goods.Salt can cause the body to retain water, which will cause swelling to linger. You should also decrease your sugar intake. The body converts these into sugars and stores it as fat hampering the body’s ability to better heal and maintain liposuction results.

Avoid junk foods like burger, pizza, fries and such. Instead, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. These provide you with the necessary carbs to energize your body while balancing out the blood sugar levels. It is also advisable to consume lean meats like chicken and fish in appropriate quantities.

Wear Compression Garments

Dr. Whetstone strongly recommends using compression garments during the recovery period. Compression garments will be helpful in reducing swelling and also provide support helping to reduce pain and allowing you to feel a little more comfortable. Compression garments help in improving the contour of the body by ensuring that the tissues adhere to the underlying muscle structure. As such, you can avoid formation of wrinkled skin on the body. Pressure from the garment can also help reduce and soften the appearance of scars.

Dallas Liposuction

At Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery, men and women alike have benefitted from individualized and dramatic results following liposuction. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Michael Whetstone is able to construct a unique liposuction treatment plan that caters to your body’s needs and your aesthetic goals. Dr. Whetstone will provide you with comprehensive post-op information including specific instructions, pain management and potential antibiotics in order to ensure a successful liposuction procedure. Contact our office today for further information about liposuction and recovery.

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