Acne Scars

Acne continues to affect patients even after the state of the skin has improved. Acne scars can leave a lasting reminder of a frustrating condition, but there are effective solutions available to improve skin’s appearance. Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas offers two successful treatment options for improving the appearance of acne scarring on all skin types and colors. Through DOT CO2 Laser Resurfacing or VoluDerm skin tightening treatments, Dr. Whetstone and his skilled team at Las Colinas Plastic Surgery are confident you will find noticeable and long lasting results.
About DOT CO2 Laser Resurfacing
DOT CO2(Dermal Optical ThermolysisCarbon Dioxide) Laser Resurfacing is an advanced laser procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin with a quick healing timeframe. This procedure utilizes the state-of-the-art SmartXide laser system that can be uniquely adjusted to provide customized treatment patterns for your skin. The DOT Therapy laser creates thousands of microscopic perforations, or DOT’s, which help smooth damaged skin, induce skin tightening and stimulate collagen, resulting in improved skin texture from acne scarring. DOT CO2 Laser Resurfacing procedures.

About VoluDerm
VoluDerm is a procedure that penetrates the skin’s dermal layer with radio frequency using the Pollagen Legend Laser similar to tiny micro-pins. These micro-pins stimulate the skin to naturally produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, whichresult in firmer, smoother skin reducing the appearance of acne scarring. VoluDermoften delivers immediate results with greaterimprovement over time. Through VoluDermSkin Tightening procedures, skin is rejuvenated and plumper, smoothing acne scars and other imperfections.

Dallas Acne Scarring Treatments at Las Colinas
Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery delivers unique treatments to improve skin scarred from acne conditions. To determine the most efficient treatment for your skin, schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Whetstone’s experienced medical esthetician in Dallas. After deciding on either DOT CO2 Laser Resurfacing or VoluDerm Skin Tightening, our team will thoroughly go over the individual treatment, procedure and recovery so that you know exactly what to expect. Our Dallas Acne Scarring treatments provide visible results that not only improve the condition of your skin, but also help in improving self-esteem and self-image. Contact Las Colinas Plastic Surgery today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our medical esthetician to determine the optimal acne scarring treatment for you.

After Dr. Whetstone completed my facelift, I noticed my scarring even more. I wanted my skin to look as youthful as my face. Jen worked with me with my at home regiment as well as the Dot and now I maintain my look with Voluderm treatments. Working in the beauty industry I still get excited every time I get a compliment on my youthful look.

- Patient Testimonial

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