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Breast Implants Vs. Breast Lift: Picking The Right One For You

October 26, 2017  |   Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift

When looking to change the appearance of their breasts, women often assume that breast implants will provide the results they seek. However, breast implants are not always the best or necessary choice. Questioning the difference between breast lift or breast implant surgery can provide women with insight for selecting the ideal surgery for both their physical needs and aesthetic desires. A breast implant, or breast augmentation, surgery involves placing implants, which may be composed of salt water or silicone gel, inside the breasts to increase their size. In contrast, breast lifts do not increase the size of the breast, but rather reshapes and lifts the breast to enhance appearance.

Comparing the two procedures and how they affect different concerns will be helpful for deciding between the two procedures. Choosing the right procedure is crucial for achieving the look you desire.


Breast implants are a better choice for women seeking bigger breasts. Augmentation increases the volume of your breasts for a larger and rounder look. Breast lifts are a better choice for women seeking perkier, but not necessarily bigger breasts.


A breast lift produces better results for women with saggy breasts and nipples that point down. Breast lift works to correct the effects of gravity and the loss of skin elasticity in the bust. If your main concern is sagging breasts, then implants or augmentation is not necessary, as you are not looking to increase the volume of the breast but rather the fullness and perkiness. A breast lift can provide the lift necessary to reshape and firm sagging breasts.


If your primary concern is uneven, asymmetrical breasts, both breast augmentation and breast lift procedures can improve appearance and shape. If the reason for the asymmetry is excessive sagging, a breast lift will provide an effective solution. But if you do not have an issue with sagging and the asymmetry is caused due to a difference in size between the breasts, breast implant surgery would be more beneficial.

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