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Breast Reduction: What You Need To Know

Breast reductions are cosmetic breast surgery procedures that are performed in order to reduce breast size through the removal of excess breast fat, tissue and skin. Breast reduction can be an effective method to reshape breasts, as well as to reposition or reduce size of areolas.

Choosing Your Surgeon:

It is important to consider a surgeon’s training and certification when considering breast surgery.  Dr. Whetstone has been performing breast surgery for over 25 years and is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Breast Reduction Candidates:

Breast reductions are most commonly performed on women who are dissatisfied with the large size of their breasts. Candidates for this type of procedure are likely unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts in proportion to their body; this is especially seen in women with small frames. Overly large breasts can limit physical activity, cause self-image issues, as well as produce pain from the weight of the breasts. A great number of the women seeking breast reductions experience neck, shoulder and back pain from heavy breast tissue. Others find themselves unable to lead an active lifestyle due to the discomfort produced by the size of their breasts. And there are some who would simply prefer to have smaller breasts. Regardless of your reason, experienced plastic surgeons can provide you with an individualized surgical plan to provide you with the breasts that will better suit your body, lifestyle, and desires.

In order to minimize the risk for potential complications it is important to discuss your personal and family medical history. Your surgeon should be aware of your current state of health including medical conditions as well as be informed of any medications, vitamins or supplements you may take. Your surgeon will evaluate your health along with your family history before proceeding with surgical plans.

Unlike breast augmentation, reductions can be performed at any age, however it is recommended that the procedure not be done until the breasts are fully developed. It is also important to understand that pregnancy or weight fluctuations can affect previous breast reduction outcomes.


Breast reductions are often performed as an outpatient procedure, which allows patients to recover in the comfort of their home. Following surgery, incisions on the breasts will be properly dressed and bandaged, and a support bra will be recommended to help minimize swelling. Your surgeon will prescribe you with medications that will help reduce the risk of infection and swelling, along with medications to help manage the pain. Breasts will likely feel tight after surgery, but in the weeks and months following the tightened skin will settle into a more natural and comfortable state. Your surgeon will also provide you with a detailed and personalized recovery plan that will provide you with guidelines for a successful and speedy recovery.

Breast reductions can provide women who are weighed down by the size of their breast with not only relief, but also with a renewed self-image and confidence. If you are or have considered a breast reduction surgery, schedule a comprehensive consultation with Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best, so call us today at 972-831-8822.