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The forehead is a highly expressive part of a person’s face that is affected by stress, sun exposure, and aging over time. The results can range from sagging eyebrows to noticeable frown lines, giving one’s face a grumpy or tired expression. Such features may cause individuals to feel their appearance mismatches their age or disposition. For many Dallas residents, this is where a brow lift, also referred to a forehead lift, may come in.


A brow lift is a surgical procedure that restores the appearance of youthfulness by reducing lines, creases, and wrinkles. Sagging brows, which gradually drop as skin loses elasticity and gravity takes its toll, are corrected during this procedure, giving patients renewed facial symmetry and youthfulness. There are different techniques that are commonly used in brow lift surgery which Dr. Whetstone will talk to you about during your consultation.  The advantages and disadvantages of the brow lift approach will be evaluated in light of a patient’s goals and preferences.  He will perform a careful evaluation of your complete face, understanding your goals before recommending a brow lift.


  • You are physically healthy
  • You do not smoke
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are bothered that you look tired or worried due to the sagging brows

The best way to know if browlift surgery is right for you is to meet with Dr. Whetstone for a complimentary consultation.


Recovery is different depending on the individual patient.  The most common discomfort experienced by patients includes bruising or swelling, with both significantly subsiding after 5–7 days. You may have some discomfort that can be relieved by prescribed pain medication. You should plan to take it easy for a week or so, but should be moving around with ease within 1-2 days following surgery. There will be restrictions on lifting and you will be back to the gym in two weeks.  Before surgery, you will be given specific postoperative instructions to follow for a smooth recovery.


The results of your brow lift surgery are immediately visible. Over time, swelling will resolve and incision lines will fade and the final results will appear over a few months.  A healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen will extend the results of your surgery.

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