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Considering Breast Reduction Surgery?

January 15, 2018  |   Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction when compared to other types of plastic surgery. For women with excessively large breasts, this procedure can bring many physical benefits. During a breast reduction, breast size is reduced; breasts are also reshaped in the process ensuring symmetry and even size. Reducing breast size can make a positive impact on the life of many women with large breasts, both cosmetically, health related and psychological.

Reasons To Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

 – Reduce Pain And Discomfort

Oversized breasts may contribute to neck and back pain, particularly for women with small frames. The relief that comes from breast reduction surgery can be both immediate and transformative. Oversized breasts can negatively affect posture and lead to neck, back and shoulder problems. By reducing breast size and removing weight, women often find relief from the pain and discomfort they experience.

– It Will Be Easier to Exercise

Because of the extra weight and size of large breasts, many women experience difficulty in living the active lifestyle they would like. Large breasts can be difficult to support, which can cause painful irritation on the underside of the breasts. Running, jogging or other exercises and activities that require a lot of movement can be bothersome when sufficient support is not possible. Reduced breast size will make it easier to exercise and maintain the level of desired physical activity without the additional discomfort.

– More Than Just A Reduction: Sculpt and Reshape

The procedure removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin, and in the process makes the breasts more symmetrical.   Breast reduction performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can improve shape and size of breasts helping women to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

– More Comfortable Clothing Options

A reduction in breast size can even lead to an expanded and more versatile wardrobe. Women with large breasts often have a hard time finding shirts or dresses that both look good and fit comfortably. Likewise, many bra styles rub uncomfortably against the underside of the breast. With smaller, properly shaped breasts, women find it easier to wear the bras and clothing styles they like.

Breast Reduction At Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Whetstone of Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery in Irving, TX has over 25 years of experience in performing safe and successful breast surgeries, including breast reduction. Through breast reduction, many women find relief along with renewed confidence. Contact us today at 972-831-8822 to schedule a free consultation.

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