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Cosmetic Procedures and Men

Popular wisdom tells us that men improve with age. Aging affects men less than women and they still look handsome well past middle age. However, this popular adage is becoming less popular by the year. Cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular among men as they age. Many men still want to look as good as they did in their youth as the years go by and there are plenty of strategies men are taking to achieve this.

Anti-Aging Procedures for All Life Stages

Different stages of life are ideal for different kinds of cosmetic procedures. Doing a large reconstruction at one time can be more invasive and expensive as well as less effective than making small alterations over the decades. 

Once men reach 30, their testosterone levels tend to drop. The primary effect of this hormonal change is a loss of muscle mass. To keep looking young, a man in his 30’s should create an exercise routine focused on building and maintaining muscle mass. This practice is also beneficial for overall health. Joint problems and arthritis are much less likely to develop later in life if headed off early with low-impact strength training.

More men in their 40s are beginning to get BOTOXTM treatments to combat facial wrinkles. BOTOXTM targets the muscles underneath the skin, restricting the release of a compound called acetylcholine. This lessens wrinkles caused by muscle contraction. Eye rejuvenation is another common procedure for men in their 40s. This subtle surgery can make a man look much younger, while not being an obvious alteration.

A common feature men in their 50s are dissatisfied with is the formation of excess skin around the jaw and neck. If you are a man in your 50s with this issue, consider getting a mild to moderate face or neck lift. Scars can often be hidden and Dr.Whetstone will discuss this with you in detail. Men with sagging facial features or wrinkles can also consider getting injectable fillers or BOTOXTM to keep facial muscles from contracting too much.

Body Image and Cosmetic Procedures

With cosmetic procedures for men on the rise, perhaps men are becoming more uncomfortable with their aging and appearance. When pursuing cosmetic alteration, it’s important to have realistic expectations, and not be overly harsh about your appearance. If a small alteration can make a big different in your self image, there are now many safe ways to pursue it.