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Dallas and Fort Worth Plastic Surgery: Breast Implants

October 23, 2015  |   Uncategorized

Those considering breast implants often wonder whether to choose the natural look and feel of silicone filled implants or the option of saline filled implants. Dr. Michael R. Whetstone, a Dallas/Ft. Worth area plastic surgeon at the Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery can provide information about traditional silicone and saline implants as well as the newer Ideal saline implants.

Since the 1960s, saline and silicone have been the breast augmentation substances of choice. Now, as a patient at the Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery you can choose the implant that is right for you. Dr. Whetstone and his staff will give you all of the information you need to make an informed choice about which implant is right for you.  There are many size and profile options.  You will be able to see and try on different implant sizes and types at your complimentary consultation. mobdro ios

Ideal Implants are one of the newer implants on the market and consist of two saline-filled chambers with implant shells in each breast. This gives breasts a more natural appearance than traditional saline implants.  It is Dr. Whetstone’s opinion that the best implant is the one that is right for you.  With over 25 years of experience in surgery of the breast, a patient can be assured that Dr. Whetstone has done hundreds of breast surgeries using all types of implants.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Michael R. Whetstone M.D. is head of Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Whetstone performs plastic surgery in the Fort Worth and Dallas Texas area.  Dr. Whetstone trained in Houston with the inventor of the original silicone implants, Dr. Thomas Cronin. Dr. Whetstone is also a colleague of Robert Hamas, MD, who has spent the last ten years perfecting Ideal Implants.  He was one of the plastic surgeons selected for the initial trial study using Ideal Implants.