DOT CO2 Skin Resurfacing


Procedure Description

Within the last few years scientist have helped perfect the use of a newer carbon dioxide (CO2) laser which is designed to help smooth damaged skin from the sun and aging process. It is basically designed to help smooth these layers giving a more youthful, refreshed look, particularly around the eyes and mouth, but certainly full face lasers can give a much more youthful appearance. At times this procedure can be performed in combination with other procedures, such as eyelid tuck, facelift, and other facial procedures. This is a procedure that can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia. Very detailed instructions are given to our patient’s prior to the procedure, which includes preoperative skin care and post-operative skin care to give a longer lasting and smoother result.

Who is a Candidate for CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

The best candidates for this procedure are men or women with healthy skin that have refrained or stopped from smoking and are in the process of taking care of their skin from the sun. Patients with darker skin may have a higher risk of pigment change and therefore it is important in when considering this procedure to have their skin treated prior to the procedure to help decrease the risk of pigment change. Certainly individuals that have taken acutane medicines may be more prone to scarring and are encouraged to stop this prior to considering laser resurfacing.

What can I expect with Recuperation and Healing?

Like with any procedure there runs a risk such as pigment change, infection, and prolonged redness. Patients are treated with antibiotics before and after surgery. For that patient who has a history of cold sores (Herpes Virus infections), they are treated with medications prior to the procedure. There is redness, which is to be expected, and it may last for several weeks and even months. Usually make up can be used within the first two weeks to help hide the redness.

Prior to your procedure Dr. Whetstone and his office will give very explicit instructions on how to prepare for the surgery which will include diet, medications, and other instructions. This will also help the surgery and post-operative care go more smoothly. It is important to have someone take you home following the procedure and at times stay overnight.