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The most visible signs of aging present themselves on the face or neck. Wrinkles, creases, sagging skin, jowl lines and tired or aged appearance are among the most noticeable conditions. As you age, gravity, sun exposure, and stress can all have an effect on the vitality of your face. At Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery, we offer Dallas face lift surgery and Dallas neck lift surgery that will give you a younger, more contoured face to match how you feel within.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Whetstone of Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery has over 25 years of experience restoring youthful appearance for men and women alike. Both face lift surgery and neck lifts are effective procedures for improving signs of aging on your most visible features. Dr. Whetstone is one of the top Dallas plastic surgeons and has the knowledge to help you understand both procedure and decide which, if not both, will better serve your physical needs and meet your goals.

What Is A Face Lift And Neck Lift?

Both face and neck lifts are effective plastic surgery procedures for improving on the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, both can help you achieve long lasting results and dramatic improvement to facial appearance.

Face lift surgery is the plastic surgery technique of pulling skin at the cheeks back towards your forehead and hairline removing excess skin and pockets of fat as necessary. At Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to performing face lift surgery with individualized results. There are various types of face lift surgeries, each individually focused on a specific area of the face. During a consultation, Dr. Whetstone will evaluate your face, skin and bone structure to help you decide on the technique best suited for your wishes and goals.

Neck lift surgery is the plastic surgery technique of pulling excess skin from under the chin, jawline or jowls removing excess skin while tightening and smoothing remaining skin in order to create a more defined neck and jaw line.

Benefits Of Face Lift Surgery

While physical signs of aging may be a natural part of growing older, Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery in Dallas offers patients safe and effective opportunities for rejuvenated facial appearance. If you have developed deep creases between your nose and mouth or your jawline has begun to sag or you have loose skin around your neck, schedule a consultation with Dr. Whetstone today to learn more about the benefits of face lift and necks lifts. Our patients have seen dramatic improvement to tired appearance, wrinkles, loose, saggy skin and other visible signs of aging.

Our Dallas face lift surgery focuses on improving the appearance of the lower facial area including cheeks, chin, jawline, and jowls. Benefits of face lift surgery include:

  • Repairing and tightening of loose skin
  • Lifting sagging skin
  • Tightening of underlying facial tissues
  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and creases
  • Improvement of facial contours
  • Smoother skin
  • Renewed youthful appearance
  • Improved self-confidence and self-image

Benefits of our Dallas neck lift surgery include:

  • Improved appearance of the neck
  • Smoother skin
  • Diminishing the appearance of wrinkles or creases
  • Removal of excess, sagging skin
  • Firmer skin around the neck
  • Improved appearance of “turkey neck”, jowl lines or double chin
  • Restored youthful appearance
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence

Results are immediately visible but it is important to remember that your body will need time to heal. While it may take a few weeks, your final result will provide you with a more youthful appearance and a boost in self confidence.  A healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen will help to extend the results of your surgery.

Candidate For Face Lift Or Neck Lift Surgery

You may consider a face or neck lift if:

  • You are in good physical health
  • You are a non-smoker or willing to stop
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You still have some skin elasticity left
  • You have a strong bone structure
  • You are unhappy with the visible signs of aging on your face or neck
  • You have loose or sagging skin on your face or neck
  • You have deep creases, frown lines, or wrinkles
  • You have a double chin, jowls, or turkey neck
  • You have excess skin and fat on your face or neck

If you are considering Dallas face lift surgery or a neck lift, we recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Whetstone to thoroughly discuss your goals, expectations, and the procedures. During this time, Dr. Whetstone will help you decide on the best procedure for you while ensuring that you are a good candidate. He will also perform a physical examination, review your medical history, answer any questions you may have and discuss in detail your options.

Recovery From Face Lift Surgery

Successful recovery from face lift surgery requires a commitment to self-care both before surgery and post-operatively. Understanding what recovery will be like and carefully following post-operative instructions will help to ensure a successful recovery.  It is important to remember that each body heals differently, so please maintain understanding of this along with patience as you recover after Dr. Whetstone has completed your surgery, you will need to spend some time in a recovery room until he is confident you are physically stable and ready to go home. Before you are discharged, you will receive detailed recovery instructions and a post-operative appointment will be scheduled.  You will be placed in a bandage after surgery, which will be removed the next day and will be required to wear a chinstrap for the first week. You will to arrange for a ride home after discharge.

Recovery from a face or neck lift procedure typically lasts around 7 to 10 days. Patients can expect bandaging around the neck and face to aid in minimizing swelling or bruising. Swelling, bruising, and a feeling of tightness are normal side effects of the procedure and will begin to subside within 1-2 weeks.

Dr. Whetstone and his caring staff at Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery will provide you with detailed information and instructions in order to best equip you for a smooth recovery and successful procedure.

Dallas Face Lift Surgery

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Michael Whetstone has the skill and knowledge to perform successful face lift and neck lift procedures. Contact Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery today to schedule your free consultation.

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