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Face Lift and Neck Lift

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Face/Neck Lifts in Dallas

As you age, it becomes easier to see the effects of gravity, sun exposure, and stress physically in your face. Deep creases may form between your nose and mouth. The jawline may begin to sag, while loose skin appears around your neck. Face and neck lift focus primarily on the areas from the top of your ears down to the bottom of your neck. Many Dallas residents look into the mirror and realize the face they see no longer represents the youth and vitality they feel within themselves.

What Is A Face/Neck Lift?

A face/neck lift is a surgical procedure that can get rid of aging, such as wrinkles, jowls or loose skin such as turkey neck. While this is a natural part of growing older, patients who are bothered by these signs of aging may find a facelift to be a good solution. Face lift surgery has very individualized results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Whetstone will evaluate your face, skin and underlying bone structure and help you identify realistic goals. Dr. Whetstone will review the surgical techniques and anesthesia you will receive. Dr. Whetstone feels that an educated patient is of the utmost importance and will answer all the questions you have.

Candidate For Face/Neck Lift

  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You do not smoke
  • You are self conscious of the appearance of your aging face/neck

The best way to decide if a face/neck lift is right for you is to meet with Dr. Whetstone for a complimentary consultation.

Recovery After Face/NeckLift

Recovery will vary by the individual. After the surgery, patients can expect minor pain and swelling, which typically subsides by the time stitches are removed 7-10 days later. You should plan to take it easy for a week or two after your surgery but should be moving around with ease 1-2 days after your surgery and back to the gym in two weeks. You will be placed in a bandage after surgery which will be removed the next day. You will be required to wear a chin strap for the first week. Before surgery, you will be given specific postoperative instructions to follow for a smooth recovery.

Results from Face/Neck Lift

The results are immediate but may take a few weeks to see the final result. Your final result will provide you with a more youthful appearance and a boost in self confidence. A healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen will help to extend the results of your surgery.

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