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Face Lift Vs. Neck Lift Deciding Which Is Best For You

The most visible signs of aging are most often seen on the face or neck, simply because of the openness of those particular features. Wrinkles, creases, sagging skin, jowl lines and tired or aged appearance are among the most noticeable conditions. Restoring a youthful appearance is a common desire among both men and women, leading many to undergo facial surgery such as a face lift or neck lift. Face lift and neck lift surgeries are among the most effective procedures in improving signs of aging and restoring vitality to your most visible features. Both these procedures have similarities and differences that are beneficial to look at in order to decide which will better serve your physical needs as well as your aesthetic goals.


Face Lift:

A face lift generally refers to the plastic surgery technique of pulling skin at the cheeks back towards your forehead and hairline. During a face lift procedure, excess skin and pockets of fat can also be removed. There are various types of face lift surgeries, each individually focused on a specific area of the face. A face lift focuses on improving the appearance of the lower facial area including cheeks, chin, jawline, and jowls. In addition to rejuvenated appearance, face lift surgery advantages include:

  • Tightening and lifting of loose or sagging facial skin
  • Tightening of underlying facial tissues
  • Improvement of facial contours

Neck Lift: A neck lift refers to the technique of pulling excess skin from under the chin, jawline or jowls. A neck lift removes this excess skin while tightening and smoothing the remaining skin creating a more defined neck and jaw line.  A neck lift will improve the appearance of the neck lift along with:

  • Smoothing skin and diminishing wrinkles or creases
  • Firming skin
  • Improving appearance of “turkey neck”, jowl lines or double chin


Although face lift and neck lift procedures target different areas, both are able to accomplish significant improvement to some of aging’s most visible signs. Facial plastic surgery performed by board-certified Dr. Michael Whetstone will not only deliver a more youthful appearance, but will also produce long-lasting results. Face lift and neck lift patients of Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery have seen dramatic improvement to tired appearance, wrinkles and creases and to loose, saggy skin.

Deciding Which Is Right For You 

While both face lift and neck lift procedures are effective for rejuvenation, one may be more effective in achieving your desired results than the other. Choosing which procedure is right for you is a matter of deciding what specific results you want out of your facial surgery. Do you want tighter firmer skin? Do the wrinkles around your mouth bother you? Are you uncomfortable with the excess skin on your neck? Do you want better definition in the contours of your face?

By placing fingers at the top of your cheekbones and pushing the skin upward and back, you can get a slight visual picture of the potential results from a face lift surgery. Likewise, you can get a glimpse of a neck lift’s results by placing fingers below and outside of the jawline and then pushing upward and back.

Determining the optimal facial surgery procedure for your specific needs and goals is best done, however, alongside the expertise of a reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Michael Whetstone of Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery. In a comprehensive consultation, you will be able to discuss the physical characteristics you hope to improve upon. Being detailed in describing your goals will help Dr. Whetstone to best recommend the procedure that will help you to look and feel your best.

Contact Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery to schedule your free consultation and let Dr. Whetstone’s extensive experience guide you down the right path to a restored youthful appearance.