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Four Signs You’ve Found the Right Plastic Surgeon

Having plastic surgery is a big decision.

From making sure it’s something you really want and that the timing is right, to picking the right procedures; every stage of process is as important as the next. It’s then easy to see how rushing through just one of these stages can be detrimental to the whole success of the surgery.

Today we are focusing on one of those stages—arguably the most influential on your satisfaction post surgery—which demands special attention: Choosing the right plastic surgeon.

The right plastic surgeon will not only make sure you find the procedure best suited to your needs, but they’ll shape your whole experience, leaving you feeling safe, comfortable, and confident in their hands and expectations.

So how do you know when you’ve found the right plastic surgeon?  We’re going to share four of the major signs which when seen together act as a good indicator you’re in the hands of a professional.

  1. You weren’t pushed by high pressure sales tactics or rushed through your consultation

It’s not uncommon for clinics to use sales tactics and marketing promotions to drive in more business. The problem is when surgeons carry this philosophy into the clinic and fail to see new clients as more than a sale. The right surgeon will offer an objective view on the situation and make sure you are having a procedure because you are ready and it fits your needs—not because it’s currently on promotion.

  1. You feel comfortable with the surgeon

Our bodies are generally good at making judgements of situations and people. If something doesn’t feel right, and we’re not completely at ease, it’s often best to trust our guts. When you are in the hands of a surgeon who is experienced and fully capable to perform the procedures, you won’t experience the same level of doubt and concern, and your body will reflect this.

  1. They have solid credentials and social proof

There is no substitute for a good set of credentials, years of experience, and a strong reputation. Especially as it’s possible for any licensed physician to call themselves a ‘plastic’ of ‘cosmetic’ surgeon, regardless of training. Look for specialized plastic surgeons who’ve completed a general surgery residency or an integrated residency which includes both types of training. Board certifications are not all created equal.  Look for your plastic surgeon to be Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Many people label themselves “cosmetic surgeons” but are not Board Certified plastic surgeons which has a much higher level of training.

  1. The pricing is transparent and fair

One of the first signs of trust between a surgeon and client is if they offer transparent and fair pricing. Were you told the cost was all inclusive of additional services like anesthesia? Or did they surprise you with hidden extras? It’s easy to get sucked in by low up-front costs that are designed to get the patient in the door.

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