How to Use GPS on Your Laptop: Best User Guide for Beginners

Connecting the systems of global positioning satellite or GPS, systems and laptops can be done in several ways. The advantage of using your laptop is the fact that you can take it everywhere you can take a laptop and the screen is greater and better to view than the small screens of the GPS systems seen attached with car windows traveling.

GPS, or global positioning system, helps you navigate from place to place by checking your overall position on Earth with satellite technology and giving training on how best to reach another unique situation. There are many handheld GPS companies, including Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom. GPS units differ significantly in cost from just over $100 to over $1000. Hand-held GPS devices may be used (check the best laptop for graphic design) on their own or with laptops and are less costly than standard products.

How to Use GPS on a Laptop

Fix a laptop GPS device for your computer-using both Hardware or serial cable connection. These receivers typically come as part of a software bundle but may also be purchased separately. The receiver is able to be put into a situation allowing for the best indication of signals when displayed on the PC screen. The greatest benefit of using one of these simple devices could be the potential for interfacing the more intensive mapping capabilities provided by the computer and the Internet.

Connect a Bluetooth model to make the most of the wireless connection to permit a bit more flexibility for handling, such as passing the laptop towards the backseat. The problem with using Bluetooth over a GPS device is the expense, however, it might be mounted nearly anywhere as part of your vehicle and deliver information directly to the computer. Of course, you will be asked to place an aerial about the dash or outside the car.

Fix a GPS receiver straight to the laptop using whether PCMCIA or CompactFlash or CF, card. The more advanced of these cards also enable the inclusion of an external antenna for better reception. The utilization of one of many cards to connect the GPS system for the laptop is great for boats together with vehicles.

Connect a microphone for the laptop or use the built-in microphone to generate navigation even easier. Some GPS software allows you to truly use voice commands including asking how much further to another turn or whether you need to take a left or right. This allows additional safety as you can keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Keep your maps and other data on your GPS current. Most dedicated GPS products have a USB connection and software CD. With these, you can download the latest roadmap along with other information as needed. Several manufacturers permit you to purchase, download and install added maps that rise above the base maps that was included with your system.

Use your personal computer with GPS-enhanced online services. Some online digital photo services, including Flickr, allow you to add GPS location data to your photos. These images are keyed to some chart, creating area-based image galleries. Another type of online service enables you to upload course and other data, such as top, and sometimes even heart rate from your GPS, and road and discuss it with friends, your instructor or using the world. Sites, for example, Garmin Connect and Allsport GPS enable you to control and present course and training data.