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Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery is Now Offering CryoClear

September 24, 2015  |   Uncategorized

Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce that it now offers CryoClear. As a new and improved cryosurgical solution for such cosmetic dermatology issues as age spots, sun spots and skin tags, CryoClear is both safe and effective for use on patients.

Why Trust CryoClear

You can trust CryoClear to perform its task safely and effectively, as it freezes the affected area no further down then 2 mm at minus 79 degrees C, and it has a 95% efficiency record. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Whetstone and his professional staff can also target the affected area with such precision to remove skin tags, sun spots or age spots and there is less harm to the surrounding tissue than with other similar methods. In addition, Doctor Whetstone and his staff may combine it with other treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels when necessary to treat difficult areas.

Skin Issues That Benefit From CryoClear

The CryoClear process provides beneficial results to patients with the following skin issues:

• Actinic keratosis or sun spots are crusty, scaly lesions with poorly outlined edges that are caused by damage from UV rays. Typically, these lesions appear on the head, face, back of your hands, neck and other sun-exposed sections of the body, and they are pink to red in color.

• Solar lentigines or age spots have clear edges, uniform brown coloring and no scaling. Face and the back of your hands are the normal places for these spots to occur since they suffer sun exposure regularly.

• Skin tags are narrow, short, stalk-like growths that lack a thick foundation. Colors in these range from flesh tone to brown. We describe their texture as slightly wrinkled.

Various Phases of the CryoClear Process

The CryoClear process causes the treated area to go through four phases before you will realize the final results. The first phase the treated site area will be red while during the second phase this area darkens. During the third phase, the darken area falls off to reveal pink healthy skin, which is the fourth phase. The phases occur gradually after treatment with the final one taking up to 28 days to complete.

Post-Care Instructions

1. Do not scratch or pick the treated area.

2. Apply a fragrance-free moisturizer once or twice a day.

3. You can bathe according to your normal schedule. Swimming is another allowable activity.

4. Gently exfoliate the treated area seven days after your treatment.

5. Sun exposure is allowable with proper protection.

For further information on this CryoClear treatment, please contact us today at (972) 831-8822 to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you overcome your skin issues with our cosmetic dermatology procedures.