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Medical Spa and Laser Treatment Services Available at Las Colinas Plastic Surgery

Few decisions in life have greater importance than when you make the choice to look your best through cosmetic surgery.  It’s not a decision to take lightly, and at Las Colinas Plastic Surgery, we only give you our honest, unbiased opinion of which cosmetic surgery in Dallas will help you look your best.

Medical Spa and Laser Treatment Services Available at
Las Colinas Plastic Surgery

Many women from the Dallas area and beyond have chosen Dr. Whetstone for breast enhancement surgery because of his widely respected reputation and his unique training. Dr. Whetstone was selected to train with the renowned plastic surgery pioneer, Dr. Tom Cronin, inventor of the breast implant and consequently has over 20 years of experience in all areas of breast surgery. Many women choose to enhance their body contour through breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Whetstone will thoroughly discuss your implant options during your initial consultation. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag. Breastlift can raise and reshape sagging breasts. Some patients choose to use breast implants to increase both their firmness and size. Breast reduction is designed for women desiring smaller breasts. Male breast reduction is for men who are self-conscious about their breast size due to gynecomastia in one or both breasts, which can affect between 40 to 60% of men.

Dermal Fillers and Injectables

Your face shows the effects of years of movement and exposure to the sun as you age.  At Las Colinas Plastic Surgery Centre, we offer a number of solutions for this problem, and one of those solutions is dermal fillers and injectables.  Dr. Whetstone can help you identify which treatment approach will work best to meet your needs.

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Spider Vein Therapy

If you’re like millions of other women, you’re affected by unsightly spider veins.  Red, blue, and purple, they make your legs look much differently than you wish.  Plus, they can cause undue pain, even severe pain.

Using sclerotherapy, Dr. Whetstone will help you remedy their appearance and the associated pain they cause.

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Laser Treatment Procedures

Laser treatments work faster, easier, and cause less pain.  Your recovery time is also shorter.  At Las Colinas Plastic Surgery Centre, we provide skin resurfacing, laser peels, laser hair reduction, laser vein treatment, intense pulse light treatment, and laser skin tightening.

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Our medical spa helps you rejuvenate the health of your skin.  We have a number of med spa services available to help you in every way, including dermaplaning (facial exfoliation), microdermabrasion (safe skin resurfacing), facials for all skin types, waxing, chemical peels, and eyelash/eyebrow tinting.

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Medical Skin Care

We offer a number of carefully selected skin care and health products to help you keep your skin in top shape.  Each product may enhance the appearance or prolong the results of any cosmetic procedures you have performed.  They might also serve as a non-surgical method of achieving the look you want.

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