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Learn About Brow Lift

Most commonly, people will seek out a face lift procedure to improve on visible signs of aging. A face lift, however, will only treat the loose and wrinkled skin on the lower area of the face. For people experiencing greater signs of aging on the upper half of their face, a brow lift procedure is ideal. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, focuses on treating the wrinkled, sagging skin found across the forehead and around the eyebrows. Brow lift surgery will restore youthfulness to the forehead and brow area allowing patients to better match their appearance with their age and personality.

Reasons For A Brow Lift

Just as in other areas of the face, the skin on your forehead will begin to sag losing shape and taking aesthetic vitality with it. The forehead area is one of the most expressive parts of a person’s face making it even more susceptible to natural side effects of aging along with stress and sun exposure.

Benefits of a brow lift procedure include:

  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and frown lines across the forehead and/or between the eyes
  • Raising or repositioning of low, drooping eyebrows creating a more alert expression
  • Improvement of excess skin hanging over the eyes

Brow lifts have also proven to be beneficial in improving sad or angry expressions resulting from wrinkles or sagging brows; lifted smoother forehead skin gives patients a renewed youthfulness in their appearance that better matches their disposition.

Dallas Brow Lift Procedures

There are different techniques commonly used in brow lift surgery that deliver unique results. Choosing the ideal brow lift procedure is best done through a thorough consultation with a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon. At Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Whetstone will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your face and discuss your both your physical needs and aesthetic goals before recommending a specific brow lift.

The various brow lifts techniques all result in tightening of forehead skin, reduction of wrinkles, and rejuvenated appearance. Procedures differ in the type of incision, location of the incision, targeted results and recovery time. With over 20 years of experience performing high quality brow lifts, Dr. Whetstone is able to recommend the ideal procedure for your individual needs and desires.

To determine if a brow lift is better suited for your face, contact Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery to schedule a free consultation.