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A Look at the New Dermapen Treatment Offered by Las Colinas

At Las Colinas Plastic Surgery, we are always looking for new and effective tools to improve our patients’ quality of life. In pursuit of that goal, we are proud to introduce the Dermapen micro-needling skin treatment.

What is Dermapen?

For years, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have used micro-needling technology to repair damaged skin and scar tissue. While these basic rollers are helpful in some situations, they often lack the efficacy needed to produce visible healing. The Dermapen is a multi-speed tool with vertical micro-needling technology that uses adjustable needle depths to pierce the skin at multiple angles and points. This increases the skin’s absorption of products and results in less downtime after treatment – as well as less overall pain. The procedure is also safe for all skin types.

How it Works

The Dermapen treatment essentially encourages the affected skin to react in the same way it would after an injury. This natural response involves a four step process that stimulates healthy tissue growth in place of damaged, injured skin.

  • The first step involves an inflammatory response that lasts for one to three days. Over this period, there is a chemotactic reaction and increase of fibroblasts.
  • The second step occurs three to five days after the initial stimulation. During this phase, the new keratinocytes, monocytes, and fibroblasts continue to increase and multiply. New collagen and tissue formations are also introduced during this period.
  • The third step involves a fibrotic response that lasts anywhere between five and twenty days. This process includes an additional release of fibroblasts and collagen deposits.
  • In the final stage – which takes place between one month and two years after treatment – the skin matures and new tissue growth continues.

The Dermapen Advantage

Las Colinas Plastic Surgery is now a proud provider of Dermapen treatments. Whether you are looking for skin tightening, rejuvenation, lifting, reduction in lines and wrinkles, scar healing, or skin stimulation, the Dermapen is an effective treatment option for you. Call today for a complimentary consultation.