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New Tools for Wrinkle Reduction

November 15, 2013  |   Las Colinas Plastic Surgery, Laser Genesis

If your skin is affected by premature aging, damage from the sun, has a number of unwanted wrinkles, or is excessively red, Laser Genesis Skin Therapy may be the right treatment for you. What Does it Do? Laser Genesis Skin Therapy’s goal is to restore your face’s youthful glow. You can see results after one session, but it may take a maximum of six sessions for maximum impact. How Does the Procedure Work? As its name suggests, Laser Genesis uses a laser to gently heat the upper layer of skin just below the surface layer of your skin. This causes the collage to regrow, which evens out the surface of the skin and reduces how apparent your wrinkles are. It depends on how severe the condition of your skin is, but it can take anywhere from two to six treatments to achieve the results you want. You’ll have to talk with our staff to get an accurate understanding of how many treatments may be necessary for you. What Side Effects Can You Expect? The great thing about modern cosmetic surgery technology is that it makes side effects less noticeable and impactful than ever before. You may experience a slight redness in your skin, but that typically disappears within just hours of treatment. A Sample Personal Experience with Laser Genesis To get an idea of how Laser Genesis works in real life, this is how a personal experience with this therapy would go: If you’re not used to cosmetic laser treatment procedures, the feeling is a little unusual at first but it’s easy to get used to. Even though the feeling is funny, it’s not at all winrar download 32 bit uncomfortable. In one particular situation, a certain person had two sessions two weeks apart, and that provided excellent results. The results this person experienced:

  • What used to be rough skin on their forehead felt smooth immediately after the procedure
  • Some rosacea that was on their cheeks is now gone

If you have redness, rosacea, uneven (or undesirable) skin tone, you may be a good candidate for Laser Genesis Skin Therapy. Contact Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery at 972-831-8822 to schedule your initial consultation today.