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Options For Facial Rejuvenation

For many men and women, aging brings along the worry of the unavoidable signs of old age and the loss of youthful charm from your face. Facial rejuvenation treatments and plastic surgery aims to restructure and rejuvenate the face and skin helping you to restore youthful appearance. Among the most sought after facial rejuvenation surgeries are facelift, eye lift, neck lift and ear surgery. At Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael Whetstone has extensive experience performing safe and effective facial rejuvenation procedures that restore vitality and youthful appearance.


Dr. Whetstone has helped countless patients rejuvenate their faces and renew their self-confidence through one of the following procedures:


Face Lift


Face lift procedures aim to reduce the signs of aging and appearance of wrinkles providing individualized results. The surgery involves lifting and tightening of muscles beneath the facial skin so as to create a more attractive appearance. Any excess fat deposits are removed to give the face a smooth, youthful look. At Las Colinas Centre For Plastic Surgery, Dr. Whetstone will evaluate your face, skin and bone structure to select the most effective face lift surgical technique for your needs and desires.


Eye Lift


If you have puffy or droopy eyelids, a blepharoplasty, or eye lift, surgery can do wonders in restoring youthfulness to the eyes. Droopy, saggy eyes can make a person look tired and appear more aged than they really are. With an eye lift, Dr. Whetstone can remove excess skin or tissue to improve the appearance of puffy and droopy eyes. Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or even on both. An eye lift will restore youthful appearance and improve facial symmetry.


Ear Surgery


The shape or size of a person’s ears can significantly impact and self-esteem. Excessively large, protruding or misshapen ears can also take away from a youthful appearance. Through an otoplasty procedue, or ear surgery, Dr. Whetstone works to correct disproportionate sizes in ears along with positioning. The surgery will shape your ears in a way that better matches the structure of your face consequently improving appearance, self-image, and self-confidence.


Neck Lift


The appearance of the neck is also an important factor affecting youthfulness in appearance. Loose skin on the neck can add many years to a person’s appearance. A neck lift will remove excess skin and fat from the neck area creating a tighter and smoother area.  As a result, patients can enjoy a rejuvenated appearance that better matches their spirit and inner vitality. Dr. Whetstone has years of experience performing successful neck lifts that have helped many patients achieve a renewed and rejuvenated appearance.


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Dr. Michael Whetstone of Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery is board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience. To schedule a free consultation for a facial rejuvenation plastic surgery procedure such as a face lift, neck lift, eye lift or ear surgery, contact our office today at (972) 831-8822. Dr. Whetstone will evaluate your face while considering your needs and desires in order to recommend the best procedure for you.


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