Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Whetstone has helped me to feel better about me. By making me look better on the outside, not fake, he has helped me to be a better person all over. I feel like the new me, a younger me. Dr. Whetstone has such a great personality he makes the whole process enjoyable from the first meeting.”

“Thank you Dr. Whetstone” – Pat

“Honesty could be the most important part of the cosmetic process. Dr. Whetstone was up front, sincere and HONEST and therefore, I got great results!”

“I have been very pleased with Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery. Every person I have come in contact with from your office has been friendly, helpful and very courteous. The entire staff has been great!”

“I chose Dr. Whetstone because of the high recommendations I received from 2 friends and the certification and experience of the Dr.”

“Everything was perfect! Really! When I got nervous everyone assured me it was normal and I was in good hands! They were right!”

Says Lynn, I lost a lot of weight and I was very proud of myselft but I still felt uncomfortable in my skin!. After meeting Dr. Whetstone and his wonderful staff people I now call friends, my life changes in such a way that I am literally a different person. Full of energy and a new zest for life.

“Thank you Dr. Whetstone” Lynn

“From the first initial call I was treated extremely nice. I was never treated as a bother. From the first consultation I was educated enough to make an informed decision.”

“On my last visit I was almost sad I wouldn’t be coming back!”

“Your office is very professional as well as your staff. Everyone is kind and comforting. I’m sure I’ll be back.”

“Dr. Whetstone did my first surgery and I was most satisfied then and I knew I would be back again and I was even more satisfied this time.”

“Dr. Whetstone is a great combination of personality and vision, plus he has such a caring staff and inviting atmosphere.”

“I was referred to Dr. Whetstone by a friend and former Cancer Survivor,” she said,” Dr. Whetstone helps women care about themselves.” “I found out first hand what meant to me. He changes every aspect of my life. My confidence level. My trust & understanding It’s amazing when you feel good about yourself how good you can make other people feel.

“Thank you Dr. Whetstone” – Suzan

“For the first surgery I researched and had consultations with other surgeons but CHOSE THE BEST!”

“Dr. Whetstone is very down to earth and friendly.”

“Just from reading Dr. Whetstone’s Bio on the website-I knew I wanted him to do the surgery. Then I met him and was very comfortable.”

“I came to Dr. Whetstone because he came highly recommended by 2 physicians.”