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Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

May 28, 2014  |   Uncategorized

People have been trying to change the way they look for centuries, and plastic surgery has made it easier than ever to effect major changes. For many people, cosmetic surgery is a way of improving their self-esteem; it makes them more comfortable in their own skin. The decision to undergo surgery to render significant, long-lasting physical changes is personal, yet there are certain procedures that are especially popular:

  • Breast augmentation. This is not just about increasing breast size. While many women do desire larger cup sizes, plenty hope for adjustments in shape and other features. There are an array of factors to consider, such as the type of implants, shape, size, placement, and healing.
  • Nose reshaping. While numerous individuals undergo nose reshaping simply for the sake of appearance, this is not always the case. Other common motivations for rhinoplasty include sinus problems, difficulty breathing, and headaches. Alterations are based on facial features, age, ethnicity, height, and skin thickness.
  • Eyelid surgery. Eyelids tend to sag with age and can result in the appearance of wrinkled skin, as well as the development of bags under the eyes. This not only creates an older, tired, and melancholy effect, but it can also lead to an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness. General facelifts are sometimes forgone in favor of eyelid surgery.
  • Liposuction. Liposuction is the surgical removal of deep fat. It is a reshaping technique commonly performed for the purpose of improving appearance. However, it is also useful for removing fatty tumors.
  • Facelift. Eyelids are not the only facial features that sag with age. The skin on the forehead and around the jaw and neck are also susceptible to the pull of gravity over time. There are various techniques for administering facelifts, most of which culminate in improvements that last for years.

Risks, expectations, and motivational factors should all be considered when planning for cosmetic surgery. Contact us today for more information.