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A Simple Guide on Otoplasty and Its Benefits

August 2, 2017  |   Otoplasty

In layman terms, otoplasty, or ear surgery, denotes a host of reconstructive surgeries aimed at changing the structure or position of the ears. The procedure is mostly carried out with the intention of making the ears more attractive in order to correct a range of concerns and simultaneously improving self-esteem in both children and adults. It is also done on children born with Microtia, a deformity in which the external part of the ear is entirely or partially absent.

Why Otoplasty

Ear Surgery is recommended if

  • You have excessively large or deformed ears by birth
  • Your ears protrude from the sides at unappealing angles
  • An accident has damaged the shape of your ears
  • You’re unhappy with the existing results of your ear surgery

Benefits of Otoplasty

Otoplasty benefits you in two main ways – physical and psychological.

– Improve Appearance: One’s own measure of facial attractiveness often depends on how its various features such as the eyes, nose, and ears are arranged in proportion to the face. Ear surgery restructures unattractive ears in a way that will match your facial structure creating an improved and more desirable aesthetic appearance. Otoplasty treats and improves the appearance of a variety of deformities in ears including protrusion, folding, cupping, size and also cauliflower ears.

– Build Confidence: A major factor that contributes to self-esteem and confidence of a person is the way they are perceived by others. Patients with irregular ears often face ridicule and embarrassment, however, by restructuring or reshaping deformed ears, patients will find themselves more comfortable in their own skin and are able to enjoy a renewed feeling of normalcy.This boosts confidence and allows patients to transform into a more engaged, confident social being without the fear of bullying, ridicule or humiliation.

Is Otoplasty Safe?

In short, yes. Otoplasty is a very safe reconstructive surgery and is preferred by many as the simplest way to enhance facial structure. In fact, according to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 23,700 people underwent Otoplasty in the year 2016, up from 22,700 procedures carried out in 2015.

The surgery is carried out under anesthesia and the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. The doctors make a small incision behind the ears of the patient to reshape it. Since the incision is often made at the fold of the ear, it isn’t easily visible. The procedure is completed in just a couple of hours and does not affect hearing ability.

Post Surgery

Once the surgery is complete, your ears will be covered in bandages and the doctor will instruct you on how to deal with any drains from the incision. The bandage has to remain dry. As such, you will be asked not to shower your hair for at least 3 to 5 days.

After a couple of days, the surgeon will remove bandages and check your ears. Additional bandages may be put on if the doctor finds your ear has not fully healed.

When wearing bandages, you should take special care not to sleep on your sides as the ears will rub on the pillow and cause damages. You may also experience slight itching in the beginning, especially at the incision spot, but it will subside after a few days.

You can start going to your work in a week or two but should abstain from any intense physical activity during this period. Avoid sports like swimming for at least 2 months.

Dallas Otoplasty at Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Whetstone is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Through extensive training and vast experience, Dr. Whetstone has successfully performed countless ear surgeries to help Dallas residents find renewed confidence through improved, reshaped ears.

A truly experienced plastic surgeon will warn you beforehand to set realistic expectations regarding what can be achieved through ear surgery; Dr. Whetstone will thoroughly discuss all potential risks and outcomes during your free consultation. 

If you are uncomfortable about how your ears appear, then otoplasty performed by Dr. Whetstone can be considered as a viable and permanent solution in achieving the appearance you desire. Contact Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery at (972) 831-8822 today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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