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Why you might need a Tummy Tuck

It is a common misconception that through adopting a healthy diet, along with a rigorous exercise regime that includes countless numbers of crunches, we are able to achieve that perfectly taut and toned stomach we long for.

But aside from what the media and the latest workout trends say, the truth is there are several instances when exercise and diet alone are not enough to achieve that desired look.

Lingering stretch marks; sagging skin due to fluctuations in weight or pregnancy; pesky pockets of localized fat; even muscle separation; these are all cases that might indicate a tummy tuck, and in which a healthy diet and exercise often fall short.

However, one way you can improve the appearance of excess abdominal fat and skin and streamline your stomach, is through having one of our most popular procedures: abdominoplastymore commonly known as tummy tuck surgery.

Due to the number and diversity of abdominal conditions, there are a variety of tummy-tuck techniques available to choose from. To ensure the process is as easy and painless as possible, Dr.Michael R. Whetstone will work with you to choose the procedure best suited to your needs, developing a customized treatment plan based on your individual body profile and effectively creating that streamlined look you desire.

It is always important however to conduct your own research prior to a consultation in order to gather an understanding of you needs, ease any immediate concerns you may have, and make yourself aware of the conditions that make someone an ideal candidate for the surgery.

Here are four of the most common reasons our clients here at Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery have tummy tuck surgery:

  1. Stretch marks across the middle

Stretch marks across the middle often occur after weight gain, and can be effectively and permanently removed via tummy tuck surgery.

  1. Fat on and around the tummy that won’t go away with diet or exercise

Localized pockets of fat don’t always respond to diet and exercise alone. In addition, as we age, it can be harder to achieve your desired results. For many that means giving up and heading straight to the cookie jar, but this is a common condition we see and effectively treat with tummy tuck surgery here at our clinic in Las Colinas in close proximity to Dallas and Ft. Worth.

  1. A stomach that still looks pregnant

As a result of weight fluctuation and/or pregnancy, abdominal muscles can stretch and fail to return to their former shape, causing the stomach to appear rounded and swollen. With tummy tuck surgery it is possible can regain that flatter, trimmer waistline you once enjoyed.

  1. Excess skin on the abdomen

Excess skin occurs as a result of rapid weight loss, pregnancy, or simply due to the body’s natural process of aging. Here at Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery, we have been effectively turning back the clock for many patients with stubborn excess skin for long over 25 years.

If you would like to learn more about tummy tuck surgery, or book a complimentary consultation at Las Colinas Centre for Plastic Surgery, leave us a comment or give us a call on (972) 831-8822.