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Winter Sun Carries Skin Risks

The importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer is common knowledge. Did you know that winter sun can be just as damaging? The cold weather doesn’t stop the toxic UV rays of the sun from hurting your skin and causing health risks.

Radiation from the sun can cause immediate damage, such as sun burns, but it can also cause damage over time. It’s common for skin to become rough and wrinkled even at a young age if it is exposed to the sun too often or for long periods of time. In the winter, sunlight reflecting off of snow can even be more damaging than direct sunlight. Sun damage accumulates over time and not wearing sun screen in the winter adds to damage caused during warmer times of the year.

Skin cancer is one of the most dangerous consequences of overexposure to sunlight. Wear sunscreen throughout the year to prevent this potentially deadly illness. SPF 30 sunscreen is the minimum recommended strength. For those more sensitive to the sun, a higher strength sunscreen may be more effective.

Don’t forget to protect your skin this winter. Wear sunscreen whenever you leave the house to preserve your youthful appearance and health.